ASBAH – The Association for Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus


ASBAH is the leading UK registered charity providing information and advice about spina bifida and hydrocephalus to individuals, families and carers.

Our unique services are targeted towards:

  • support to parents before and around the birth of their baby, or diagnosis of the disability
  • support to the child and family on educational matters
  • specialised information and help on health matters
  • helping young people access services to progress towards control of their lives
  • responding to the needs of adults with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus

ASBAH employs a network of Advisers throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland who deliver our advice, support and advocacy services. Our staff also includes Specialist Advisers in education, health and continence management.

ASBAH works in partnership with a network of independent affiliated Local Associations to share information and promote good practice, and to deliver a range of high-quality support and specialist services.

ASBAH takes pride in the levels of expertise available among our own staff, and in having ready access to a range of professional advice from our external advisers. Advisory committees for medical matters and education are comprised of professionals from the relevant fields who offer guidance for ASBAH's services.

ASBAH's work is financed by voluntary donations, trading activities and grants from charitable and corporate trusts. We deeply appreciate the goodwill and generosity of the many individuals, community groups and companies who make it possible for us to work as a centre of excellence in our field.